At some point in time, vehicle owners endure the unpleasant experience of breaking down on the side of the road. The problem may involve a flat tire, vehicle malfunction or other mishaps. Being prepared in advance helps alleviate stress and danger.

Every vehicle should be equipped with a set of jumper cables. Should the battery age or otherwise capable of holding a charge, the vehicle needs jumped to restart. Owners must ensure that the vehicle has a jack, lug wrench and spare tire. Flats are common problems that put vehicles on the side of the road.

An all-in-one air compressor/jump starter is handy for inflating flat tires or jumping malfunctioning batteries. In this way, a motorist is better able to make it to a service station for assistance. Before heading out on a road trip, have your vehicle inspected by one of our Corvallis, OR Volvo of Corvallis technicians.

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