Checking Vehicle Equipment

Whether you're taking a road trip alone or with your friends or family, you need to ensure that each component of your vehicle is in proper working order before getting on the road in Corvallis, OR. Make sure all of the lights work as they should and your turn signals.

Another component of your vehicle that you need to make sure works properly is the battery. Volvo of Corvallis can perform a test to check the charge of your battery as well as that of the alternator. When you're driving in the spring and summer, the warmer temperatures can take away quite a bit of power from these parts, especially if you have the air conditioner running while driving.

Examine your brakes to make sure they don't squeak or squeal. They should have a firm feeling when you depress the pedal. If you hear any kind of grinding or odd noises, then you should have your brakes checked before taking your trip.

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