Some pundits like to say that there's nothing new in the world of automotive safety anymore. Nearly all the cars on the lot at Volvo of Corvallis come with standard features like anti-lock brakes and front-impact airbags. People who point this out probably haven't seen the all-new 2019 Volvo V90, which comes with everything from knee airbags to automatic stability control.

Motorists are completely covered by protective gear on all sides when they get behind the wheel of the V90. While you probably see quite a few cars with side airbags, how many do you see with ones overhead and across the driver's knees? The V90 deploys a sort of inflatable safety net when it senses a serious problem.

Extra anti-whiplash restraints react to rear collision forces as well, which can cradle a driver and prevent this serious injury. No matter how bad traffic gets in Corvallis, OR you can trust that Volvo V90 will stay safe and sound in all conditions.

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