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KBB Names XC60 Top 10 Luxury SUV

The Volvo XC60 was just named to Kelley Blue Book's 10 Best Luxury SUVs of 2013 list. This hand-picked selection of first-class SUVs was assembled by Editors to highlight vehicles that turn suburban-jungle exploits into something more like a spa day with extra room for equipment. The XC60 came in at number nine.




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2013 BMW X1


2013 Volvo XC60


2013 Cadillac Escalade ESV

360-degree Advanced Safety Experience Offers Peek into the Future

In lockstep with its people-centric approach to cars, Volvo recently invited an exclusive group of journalists to engage the next generation of safety and driver-assistance technologies at the 360-degree Advanced Safety Experience.

At this event, six new technologies were revealed:

·         Pedestrian Detection in Darkness - A world first that makes the detection and auto brake technology work effectively also when driving in darkness. The technology includes detection and auto brake for other vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists.

·         Autonomous Parking - A Volvo concept technology that allows a car to find and park in a vacant space by itself, allowing the driver to leave the vehicle at the entrance to the car park.

·         Animal Detection - Another world first, the technology detects and automatically brakes for animals both in daylight and in the dark.

·         Adaptive Cruise Control with Steer Assist - A technology that helps the driver stay in the lane and follow the rhythm of the traffic. The new system automatically follows the vehicle ahead.

·         Road Edge and Barrier Detection - A feature that detects if the car is about to drive off the road and autonomously applies steering torque to bring the vehicle back on track. Being able to monitor where the physical road ends is a world first. This means that the technology also works on roads without side markings.

·         Car 2 Car Communication - Enables vehicles to communicate with each other and with the traffic environment, opening up fantastic possibilities. Vital information can be shared and exchanged - creating a more comfortable and safer drive.

Overall the technologies thoughtfully straddle the delicate balance between creating a safer driving experience while also making life

Autonomous Parking Concept has received tremendous media attention already.

simpler and convenient for the driver and the vehicle's occupants. So the 360-degree Advanced Safety Experience was as much about driver convenience as safety.

At the event, it was also announced that three of these new technologies - Pedestrian Detection in Darkness, Road Edge and Barrier Detection and Adaptive Cruise Control - will be available on the all-new XC90.

Volvo Awarded with Two Vincentric 'Best CPO Value in America' Awards

The XC60 and V50 were awarded top premium compact crossover and top premium wagon respectively in Vincentric's 2013 "Best CPO Value in America" awards.

The awards are determined based on which vehicles have a lower than expected ownership cost based on their market segment and price. Cost of ownership is based on eight criteria: depreciation, fees and taxes, financing, fuel, insurance, maintenance, opportunity cost and repairs.

"The Vincentric Best CPO Value in America awards recognizes the efforts manufacturers have put into quality improvements," says David Wurster, President of Vincentric. "These improvements, supported by strong CPO warranties, provide value to buyers of certified pre-owned vehicles. When a great vehicle is combined with a great CPO program, more and more consumers will consider a certified pre-owned vehicle."

One Million Cars Sold with
Auto Brake Technology

The sales of Volvo cars equipped with systems for automatic braking passed the one million mark - another milestone that confirms Volvo Car Group's world-leading position within automotive safety. More than 130,000 were sold in the United States.

"Several recent reports state that our groundbreaking auto braking technologies help reduce the risk of being involved in a rear-end

accident by more than 20 percent. One million Volvos with auto brake on the roads take us toward our aim that nobody should be killed or suffer serious injuries in a new Volvo car by the year 2020," said Thomas Broberg, Senior Safety Advisor at Volvo Car Group.

The efficiency of Volvo Cars' approach has recently been highlighted:

·         The benefits of the groundbreaking City Safety technology - featuring automatic braking in low speed situations -- were documented in a 2012 Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) report, which stated a reduction in insurance claim frequencies.

·         In a 2012 IIHS survey of 500 U.S. Volvo owners, a majority of them liked their vehicle's crash avoidance features and credit the technology with keeping them safe and preventing crashes.

·         The owners' experiences also aligned with data from the Highway Loss Data Institute, which found that "the rate of property damage liability claims for Volvos with standard City Safety is lower than for other vehicles in the same class."

·         Findings by the Swedish insurance company Folksam show City Safety reduces injuries by 64 percent for people in cars hit from behind on roads with a 50 km/h (31 mph) speed limit. In situations in which City Safety has been activated, but the crash has not been completely avoided, the injury reduction is around 40 percent.

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Volvo Adventure Participant
Featured by the White House

Each week the White House's website highlights remarkable initiatives that young Americans are embarking on to better their communities. This month Jordyn Schara, part of last year's U.S. team in the annual Volvo Adventure, was featured.

Schara's group, P2D2 (Prescription Pill and Drug Disposal), placed third overall in the competition. P2D2 helps communities dispose of medicines safely, preventing teen prescription drug abuse and avoiding water contamination.

Schara shared her learnings from the Volvo Adventure in her blog post noting, "I left Sweden feeling empowered and knowing that I

Jordyn Schara, member of P2D2

have made a difference in my environment. I now want to spread this awareness to let others know that they too have the power to affect change by voting, joining environmental clubs, participating in environmental projects, sharing their knowledge about the environment and encouraging family and friends to get involved."

Read Schara's post on the White House's website here.

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